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Emma's Place

From Fran S. Newman:
"Emma's Place-Staten Island Grief & Loss Center for Children and Families is absolutely a great place. My granddaughter is Emma and she has made amazing breakthroughs going through her grief and loss process. We needed this on Staten Island!  Thanks to all who have been a part of helping Emma and still are helping Emma get through some rough times. I am forever grateful."


"Karen Goldman (Founder of Emma's Place) to me is the epitome of professionalism with a great bedside manner.

She is by far the most understanding honest and gentle therapist for children that I have ever met.
In our situation, my daughter was murdered by her estranged husband and then he ran away with my
two young granddaughters. Emma at the time was 5 years old and Sophia was 20 months old.

He ended up taking his own life, in which the girls experienced. Within 24 hours, my granddaughters had no
parents. My older granddaughter experienced an awful tragedy and saw too many horrifying things.

I immediately took her to therapist Karen Goldman with whom came very highly recommended. All I can
say is in the last 2 1/2 years, Karen had a way about her that allowed Emma to speak and draw about
her feelings and what she experienced very comfortably. I am so very thankful that the trust Karen built
up between her and Emma is amazing. My granddaughter finally got that twinkle back in her eyes all
due to Karen Goldman, which to me is remarkable. I’m very happy that Karen could reach right into her
inner soul and her mind. Emma is very comfortable in talking to Karen which to me is basically an art of
Karen Goldman. I will be forever grateful for giving me back my granddaughters smile and letting her be
a very healthy 7 year old. My family and I will always feel great admiration towards Karen.

She truly is a miracle worker."
Fran and Jamie Newman
Emma and Sophia's Grandmother and Aunt 

May 2014