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Now is the time of year when we begin to see the signs that summer is evolving into fall, and the new school year is approaching.Many children and parents have mixed emotions about the start of a new school year. Children may feel sad leaving the fun and freedom of summer behind, but they look forward to seeing their friends and playing on sports teams. Parents may feel pride in watching their children grow and achieve special milestones, but they wonder if they are going to have the energy to juggle work and the demands of a new school year.

But for grieving children and families, the start of the new school year, is another item on the long list of things that they are going to have to ride through a roller coaster of emotions as they experience each day.
Grieving children may feel fearful, anxious, and sad. They often worry about being separated from their loved ones, and are worried that they’ll lose another loved one while they are in school. They also worry about feeling different from their peers who haven’t lost
a loved one. For a parent grieving the loss of a spouse, starting a new school year as a single parent for the first time can also be extremely stressful. For families who lost a school-aged child, the start of the school year can be extremely difficult and challenging.
Emma’s Place is here for you during your transition into the new school year. We’d also like to offer some tips below to help the transition be a bit smoother.

Tips for Parents to Help Grieving Children as They Start the School Year:

*Set up some coping tools with your child before they start school. These can include:

o Giving them a small picture of you, or special memento that will help them feel
connected to you when you are separated during the day.

*Putting notes in their school lunch or backpack to let them know they are loved.

o Explaining to the child that friends may seem a little shy with them at first, but that has
more to do with the friends not knowing what to say, rather than anything about the
child themselves, and help them formulate some conversation starters.

oHelping your child realize that it is Ok to not answer questions about the death of their
loved one that they don’t want to answer.

o Letting your child know it is OK to have fun.

• Inform your child’s teachers and the school counselor that your child is grieving, so:
o Teachers can understand the reason why your child may seem distractible and have
had a change in their behavior or attitude.

o Counselors can check in with your child periodically and set up some times when they
can speak with you to update you on how your child is doing and address any issues.

o Teachers can allow the grieving child to look at photos or keep mementos out on their
desk to help with any separation anxiety they may be feeling.

Tips for Grieving Parents to Help Themselves:

Develop a means of support prior to the start of the school year so you can have someone
as a back-up to help pick up your child if you’re having a bad day.

Join a bereavement support group (EMMA'S PLACE!) or speak to a counselor if things get overwhelming.
Accept offers when people offer help.
Remember to take care of yourself and the analogy of oxygen masks on an airplane. You
are told to put on your own mask before you can help anyone else.

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Tips For Parents and School Staff!

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