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Compassionately Serving the Grieving  in Our Community Through the Impact of COVID-19

Dr. Carolyn Taverner Shares Activity Tips!

SI Borough President's Office April 16, 2020



Help Children Express What They Are Feeling

                     During COVID-19

    Our friends at Emma's Place, licensed grief counselors who work with children, have developed this video to help you get through this time and communicate more effectively with your kids, especially when they may be acting out.     

      A Message From Emma's Place

"This is a time for patience and understanding. Please watch the attached video, just a few minutes long, which show us ways in which we can get our children to express what they are feeling, what they miss, and what they are thinking during the COVID-19 pandemic. 
Children won't always come out and say how they are feeling but often will express themselves through pictures, words, and drawings."

Testimonial from Lorie Honor:

"When my brother died, Emma' s Place was an essential part of my family's healing and coping. My sons, now 23 and 20 very much remember and reflect on their grief sessions that helped them as young children. You never forget that kind of loving care. After years in a church basement, Emma's Place has a home at Snug Harbor. I hope you never have a reason to use their services but that you will offer a donation for those in our community who do." L.H.


Testimonial From Fran S. Newman:
"Emma's Place-Staten Island Grief & Loss Center for Children and Families is absolutely a great place! My granddaughter is Emma and she has made amazing breakthroughs going through her grief and loss process. We needed this on Staten Island! Thanks to all who have been a part of helping Emma and still are helping Emma get through some rough times. I am forever grateful."

 Emma's Placeis a Staten Island 501c3
not-for-profit organization of care giving professionals and volunteers committed to supporting grieving children and families year round. 
We Are:
A free-standing, independent grief and loss center, supported by the compassion and generosity of community funding, and therefore dedicated to having the capabilities to support the growing needs of the community. Emma's Place is the primary resource for local grief and loss education.  

Testimonial: " I couldn't have made it through this year without Karen's insight, compassion and guidance. She helped me to feel human again and to rebuild my life (and my children's lives) after my husband had died. She was so nurturing and creative with my children, they trusted her and loved her and began to thrive again." P.M.
Our Mission:
Emma's Place is Staten Island's only not-for-profit 
 501c3 non-denominational Mental Health/Bereavement Counseling and educational program for children and families. Located on Staten Island, Emma’s Place provides community-based support services throughout the five boroughs of NYC, offering individuals access and the support they need to discover hope and healing through a much needed Mental Health and support services niche. In addition, we provide school-based group and individual counseling throughout NYC public and private schools, presently on Staten Island. We receive ongoing requests for professional development/training for teachers, administrators, community organizations and other licensed mental health providers.

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